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Since 2003, William Hurd has enjoyed capturing the most important and special moments of people's lives - being able to help make these moments last a lifetime has been a powerful and humbling experience.

Please feel free to explore the full wedding albums on the left (entire albums are available to view - not just a few great shots). There, you'll get a better understanding of how William Hurd (aka, Speaking Photography) can capture your wedding, event, or portrait. If you like the styles and quality, please get in touch.

For a bit of insight into his thoughts on marriage, please take a look at 'Meaning of Marriage'. Humblingly, they thoughts have been adopted by officiants and read by family members during many weddings. 

SPCA Paws Walk 2017

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Wedding Expo in Durham - 2017!

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Paws Walk Perspective...

Seated securely in the middle of the trail, camera firmly in hand, I was woefully unprepared for the onslaught of playful, slobbery, lens-licking greetings from nearly 1500 fuzzy quadrupeds, each exuberantly walking their owners through the 2017 Annual Paws Walk fund raiser.

For the uninitiated, when there's important stuff to sniff out and investigate in the woods, combined with a plethora of other dogs and people to greet all over the place... dogs tend to move very fast. And as if this didn't make 'pupular' photography difficult enough, these fast moving bundles of curiosity varied in size so much that I found myself perpetually jumping up, sitting, and even laying down to get the proper, most flattering perspectives of these overjoyed family members.

However, the most challenging photos to capture were those of the pups deciding to curl up in my lap for a post-rehydration break and head-scratch from a new friend. After a few moments, though, the allure of an uncharted trail, filled with new sights and fantastic smells was too much to ignore, and the pups excitedly continued down the trail with their family.

Photos or no, it was a good day for everyone.

Photo Booth - Now Available!

- Photos are Emailed instantly to guests (no prints, no booth attendant).

- Photos are uploaded instantly to your on line album.

- Camera is behind TV screen - look at yourself and the camera at the same time! (no need to "Look Here!!!" at the last second)

- Optional Enclosure for booth (5' x '5, and 8' tall; no extra charge).

- Props to make you look "Super-cool" and will never embarrass you. At all. Ever.

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Portraits at Prescott Park Benefit NHSPCA!


A huge thank you to the generous folks who made donations to the NHSPCA during an impromptu fundraiser at Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH.

Here are the full resolution photos...

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